We would like to inform you that we are not manufacturing and packaging the products we sold.We are simply re-sellers who work with top trustful suppliers all over the world.We often check the products we market to ensure maximum quality, reliability and authenticity.We never sell products that are considered illegal like as copy of original,replica or fakes products.Nonetheless if you find any copyrighted or fake material, please send us your DMCA complaint request and if approved we will remove it immediately.Please give us 3 business days to process your any request.We accept only branded complaints

The following requirements should exist in your copyright infringement claim:
*Valid Contact Address
*Identity and proof of the owner
*proof that you are the legal owner and have a legitimate interest
*if you are a representative of a company, proof that you are the legal representative
*Links and screenshots of the copyright/fake material

Please do not make a complaint to any other party without having informed us of your claims first.If this happens, we will assume that you are doing it with a possible deception in order to harm the interests of our company.In this case, we will address directly to the legal department of our company and we will initiate legal proceedings against you for defamation of the company, spreading false news, attempting to damage our company etc